Conversation with Mohammed Hashas


Harun Karčić ha posto qualche domanda Mohammed Hashas riguardo alle peculiarità dell'Islam europeo e al ruolo degli intellettuali musulmani nel creare una distinta identità islamica rispetto ad altri contesti del mondo.


European Islam is possible theologically for two main reasons; first, there are scholars or intellectuals, as well as imams who lead mosques and their local communities, who think that a European Islam is possible; it is not that different from saying “Arab Islam,” “Balkan Islam,” “Asian Islam,” “Russian Islam,” “Islam Latino,” etc. It means there is a cultural adaptation, and more importantly, a political-theology adaptation to the context. Of course these are concepts, but what is important is daily life, or what is political, and this is the second point, i.e.  whether this European Islam works, whether it is there, whether it is felt and lived by Muslims, and seen by non-Muslims.


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